What's uTorrent, why is it so popular and how do I get it?

What's uTorrent?

uTorrent is popular peer to peer downloading too. It allows all of its users to share or download torrent files as much as they'd like to.

It is a BitTorrent client, there are many others you can use, however, we consider uTorrent as the best one.


What's the best uTorrent version and where do I download it?

uTorrent has many versions, some of them come with ads as well (so that the developers can earn some bucks with their tool, while still offering it for free).

We find version 2.2.1 as the best version, as it's the most popular and most stable version between users.


You can download version 2.2.1 here


Some Anti-Viruses can definitely consider uTorrent installer as a virus.

It does not come with any virus included and those are usually false flags (as uTorrent is mostly used as a piracy tool)


uTorrent version 2.2.1 VirusTotal scan


Is using uTorrent illegal?

uTorrent itself as a software is completely legal, although it can as well be used for digital piracy (which itself is illegal).

There's not a single case where someone has been arrested for downloading and/or using uTorrent though.

So no, using uTorrent itself is not illegal, the way you'll be using can be illegal though.


Why is it so popular? What are the advantages

There are many reasons why uTorrent is and most likely will keep being popular among users that like downloading stuff from internet.

First of all it's completely free, you do not pay anything for the base version, however, you can buy the ads free version which costs around $5 per year.

It can as well be used to download enormous amount of data. Enormous doesn't mean few hundreds of MBs, but thousands of GBs or TBs.

Unlike downloading through browser, where you may not be able to pause the download (it may drop, fail and so on after pausing) uTorrent allows you and in fact is completely functional in terms of pausing / resuming your download. That means your uTorrent downloading won't stop you from watching your Netflix favorite series or movie. That's not all thought, we all know that downloading in browser will stop and won't be able to continue downloading in case of your internet going down, electricity dropping or simply your PC temporarily failing. This is not the case while downloading through uTorrent as whatever happens, it won't affect your downloading unless it's disk failure. This means you can even go to sleep and won't have to keep your PC turned on all of the night just so it won't stop downloading.

Those definitely are not the only advantages of downloading files using uTorrent however, we want to keep this post short and simple.


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