Top 5 FREE games available on Steam right now for you (2021)

Have you ever been wondering about the question ‘What’s the best free to play steam game? What should I even consider playing when there are thousands and thousands of options for me‘. Worry no more, because we've made a review of the top 5 FREE to play Steam games that you can download right now onto your computer!


World of Warships


There are pretty much hundreds and more of quality tank or war games available on Steam, but games where you can fight with your own ships, planes and more that are also offering quality gameplay are more rare in this field. Fortunately for us, there's World of Warships available, which is pretty much one of the best naval warfare simulation games. With more than 185 of the titular warships for players to unlock, from destroyers across cruises to aircrafts, players can rest assured that they won't run out of the new tools to destroy others anytime soon.


Download World of Warship now and for free!


Conqueror's Blade


As said games about WWII or WWI are kind of common on steam, and there's a lot of quality games that can offer that. But what if you're not into that and you'd be happier if you could smash few medieval folks with weapons as belt and so on? That's what Conqueror's Blade can offer to you. The game receives a regular updates and support from its own developers, meaning that you won't get bored, since with each new season bringing fresh units, weapons, areas and more it should never get repetitive.


Download Conqueror's Blade for free now!




Since not all of you are interested only into 3D games it's time to move to some 2D games as well. If you're a games who loves Super Smash Bros style games, you should definitely look at Brawlhalla. This platform based fighting game forces you to use your best skills to win against up to three opponents on floating stages. Direct inputs will change your fighter's attacks, but they're not so hard to learn, so don't worry about that!


Download Brawlhalla for free now!


Counter Strike: Global Offensive


Counter strike series are old classic, but they're still a good games. Global Offensive as a direct successor of the successful and liked by many series Source is FPS shooter from 2012. Even thought it's from 2012 and the community may be toxic somewhen, it's still a good looking game and you won't force any toxic players most of the time. With player base of thousands and thousands you also won't have to wait hours to get matched with other players into a matchmaking


Download CS:GO for free now!





Dota 2 is one of the most successful and amazing MOBA, and one that's exclusive to the Steam platform. The game makes two teams of five players fight against one another, with the goal of destroying the rival squad's base. Dota's 2 play system have a steep learning curve, so you'll have a plenty of content to explore and learn. All of the Heroes are available from the jump so you can keep your cash in your pocket!


Download Dota 2 for free now!



Even though we've only picked five top of the steam free to play games for this month there are hundreds and hundreds if not more of them. Everyone can find different games in their liking and thus we fully recommend you looking through the Steam free to play games tab and trying out some of the games for yourself, we'll be making another list soon and you have the chance to recommend us a free to play game you liked the most at [email protected]

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By Freelix - April 30th

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