How to download Minecraft for free, on any operating system

When it comes to Minecraft we all know it, however, there's still one huge issue with it for one of us. The issue is that it's still a paid game, but we want to play it for free aren't we right? That's why we'll explain in this post how to download and play Minecraft either in single-player or with your friends on any operating system that's out there without a need to pay or insert any credit card details anywhere!


First of all, what's warez?


There's not a single way to play Minecraft for free, in fact, there's more than enough of them. However, the most popular between the players, and the one you've most likely already heard of is using a client called ‘warez' (or cracked client). Warez clients are basically different words for cracked clients, they're allowing you to play the game in all of it's beauty. However, there's a one and for some players so huge issue that it's worth paying for the premium-client for Mojang for them. You can NOT connect to any servers that disallowed warez clients to get connected to their server, such servers are usually the huge whales in this game, such as Hypixel. And it's mostly like this to prevent hackers from joining with ‘basically’ infinitive amount of free resources to annoy others and use their hacky tactics to win the game. This isn't an issue for us, as we just want to download and play the game either within the single-player, which may be even better than playing on servers sometimes, playing on LAN with friends or just joining others on other huge servers that simply allow warez clients to connect. If you do want to play on Hypixel and other huge whales however, then stay tuned! Because we'll be releasing another post where we'll be explaining how you can connect to those servers as well without paying a single penny soon! :)


Can using warez clients destroy my computer?


In short words no. In longer words yes, however, only if you won't follow our instructions properly. Take it this way, Minecraft warez clients are made by people for people, however, some people do NOT want others to be happy, or they just want to steal as much details, and money from them as possible. That's why some warez clients will come with infections or so called ‘viruses’ within them, making you not only unable to play Minecraft, but also unable to use your computer in any other way. That's why we've included a whole VirusTotal scan as well, so you can check yourself that the file is not infected in any way.


Do I need to pre-download anything?


You already should have everything you need installed on your computer, however, you may be missing Java. Java is an developer language and framework in which Minecraft was and is written. That means you just need it installed on your computer to use and/or play Minecraft or any other Java programs or games. We recommend you to download Java from HERE which is an official website from Java developers themselves, meaning you won't only download the latest version of Java no matter what, but also that there's pretty much no chance that you'll get infected from there.


What client should I download and why?


As mentioned earlier, there is not just one, but many of Minecraft warez clients. However, we will recommend you to stick to this one if you do not want to face loosing all of your files, infecting your computer or even worse making it completely unusable. We recommend you using Badlion. This client has a bunch of useful tricks and functions up its sleeves. One of those functions is its design, it simply does look like it should (Discord style-ish) in 2021, and it honestly looks awesome. Especially when there are clients that look straight like some stolen design from programs back in 1995 or like a design that has been made in the pre-installed Paint on Windows. Just make a picture yourself

That's not the only plus tho, as you can see, Badlion offers a log-in system which comes with a skin (only people with this client will see them as well tho) and support from their community. It also makes cheating less easy thing to do, as their active anti-cheat system and admin team is taking a care to permanently ban (using IP or HWID) people that are cheating from their warez client. Another plus in its list is that you can change from ANY version of Minecraft, including Forge or OptiFine versions or even pretty old versions like Beta 0.1 and so on. The most important feature is that it is save, does not come with any viruses and is user friendly. You can use it to play with your friends or family, and you won't have to pay anything!



VirusTotal scan:

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