Free Avast Premier license file [MAY 2021]


First of all let's get to known Avast a bit more


What's Avast and how is it useful

Avast is an advanced computer antivirus program, protecting you not only from malware but also from threats all around the internet and more.

Avast can be downloaded on macOS, Windows, Android or iOS.

They're offering a free version of their tool that's available to anyone, however, we'll look into the differences and why that may not be enough later.

As of 2021, Avast is the most popular antivirus vendor on the market and it had the largest share of the market for antivirus applications.


Why would I need the Premier version?

As said earlier, Avast is offering a free version of their software that can be used on any mobile or desktop device without any hustle.

It may be enough to protect your mobile device from whatever crap could get into it, as mobile devices are way less targeted by hackers, and their security is overall better than on computers.

That's why Avasts free version of their tool may not be enough to protect your computer.

For example, free version of Avast won't block any suspicious activity on your network, unlike in Premier where you can enable their top-tier Firewall.

That's only one of the features they're offering in their Premier version. As another example there's a real site control, which tells you if the site is in their or any other blacklists and automatically forwards you out of the page by blocking it, then there's a sandbox which is used to scan-through any newly installed apps. It comes handy especially when you're downloading a lot from around the internet, including uTorrent downloading and so on.


How much is the Premier version?

It differs by country, device type and so on.

However the usual price is around $35 per year, while that may not look as a lot some people simply can't afford that.

That's why your price is ZERO if you use the file we'll let you download below.


Downloading the file

Now we can get to actually downloading and installing the file, please note that we'd recommend you not to download the file anywhere else then from the link we'll provide you below, as un-realistic it may seem, it's possible that you'll downloading an antivirus that's containing virus and / or backdoor to your computer.


Step 1 - Download the official version of Avast Free security from their website here 

Step 2 - Download the license file from here (We do not run any of the ADs that may be present, and we do not recommend on clicking them!)

Step 3 - Follow the steps on pictures

Open Avast
Click on the three lines in the top right corner until you see this menu
Click on ‘Use a license file’
Select the file you've downloaded from us
Click ‘Continue’
Voila you've successfully installed Avast Premier onto your computer

Step 5 - Restart your computer so that Avast can finish the installation process

Step 6 - Share this post with your friends


Well and that's it, now you have Avast Premier installed on your computer and it's up and running, without paying a single penny.

We hope you liked this article, if so, stay tuned for other free things that'll appear on our website!

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