Best places to watch sports streams for free (2021 Version)

When it comes to streaming sports for free, you have a few than one choices to pick from.

However, not many people know what's the best one, perhaps they never even heard about these names.

That's why we made a summary of five top sports streaming sites where you can watch your favorite sports and relax.


Live Soccer TV


As number one we have streaming service called LSTV (Live Soccer TV).

LSTV is a free and easy to use website that lets you watch soccer, cricked, rugby and NFL games that are taking place all around the world right in this moment. The website is easy to use and is mobile friendly, which may be a nice addition for mobile users. The sports are split into a sections which makes the site easy to navigate as well. You can see past scores as well, or check the current live scores. Unfortunately some of the streams are geo-restricted and thus require you to use something like VPN, which may to be best for all users.


Both Android and iOS apps are availableThere are no cons
Easy to use and navigate 
Website is mobile friendly 
Real-time updates on most of the games 


Facebook Watch


Yes, Facebook Watch isn't platform made mainly for sport streaming or movie streaming or anything else.

However, it's a platform that you can access with an account that you most likely already have access to, provides you with huge list of sports that you can watch. While there are not many official sports streams, users can stream content themselves, which makes this platform even better then it seems to be.

If you're a huge baseball fan, you can and most likely will be interested in watching one MLB game which is being streamed each and single week during the regular season. The stream doesn't cost you anything and is an ad-free experience most of the time. The drawback of Facebook Watch may be that not all of the streams will be streamed in high definition quality and thus they may look or seem blurry and/or laggy.


Easy accessSome wrongly named streams may be present
You most likely already have an accountNot all of the streams will be lag-free and high quality
Live chat which allows you to chat with others 




As a third is BuffStreams, which is a website that provides you with a plenty of sports streams to choose from. The website focuses on usability and reliability as well as user-friendliness which makes finding what you were looking for easy and simple. The sports include, but are not limited to sports like basketball, hockey, soccer or football. There's also a button called ‘live now’ which allows you to see what sports are currently being streamed if you're a fan of most of the sports that exists. The drawback and the reason why BuffStreams is on third place is that you're limited to SD resolution as user without accounts, which may bother some users. To be clear, there is a HD and FHD resolution, however, as mentioned earlier they're most of the times limited to premium and/or logged in users only. There's also a live chat function just like on Facebook Watch, which may be nice for the people that like speaking to some folks while watching their favorite sports.


Reliable serviceThere are ads
Super user friendly navigationHigher quality resolutions require an account
Awesome live chat as an additionYou can't download any streams
Streaming  quality is mostly consistent than inconsistent 





Sony being a huge name in the technology, and thus you can watch your sport streams in high definition quality and it's completely free. You can watch pretty huge list of sports and other shows from tennis across cricked to the NBA. As mentioned above, SonyLiv isn't only a sports streaming service. You can watch TV shows and movies on there as well, however, that's premium feature and you may need to pay $5 or more for that. The biggest drawback with this service at the moment being is that most of the content comes from India, making it less useful for people who do not understand Hindi language.


User friendly navigationGeo-restricted, you may need a VPN
Both Android and iOS apps are availableLots of the content is in Hindi with no subtitles
Live SB (Scoreboard) 




Cricfree is another sports streaming website that specializes in providing cricket games stream. The website does a good but not a perfect job in that. It is easy to use, however, the pop-up ads are distracting and may bore you from watching the stream. As with most of the websites on this list, Cricfree primarily provides links to streams hosted elsewhere online.


The website is user friendlyPop up ads
Both Android and iOS apps are availableGeo-restrictions




And that was our list of top 5 (five) sports streaming websites, which one do you like the most?

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