Get ready to hunt zombies when World War Z comes to Nintendo Switch!

Now you can conquer the undead on the go!

What you need to know

  • World War Z is an action game set in a fictional zombie apocalypse.
  • The game is now available for purchase for Nintendo Switch.

If you're ever frustrated and feel like beating the snot out of hordes of zombies, you're in luck! Nintendo announced today in a tweet that the critically-acclaimed action game, World War Z, is now available to play on the Nintendo Switch family of systems.

Set in a (hopefully fictional) zombie apocalypse, you have to band together with other survivors in order to take on the zombie horde. Zombies are pouring out of every window from New York to Moscow, and you've got to be quick on your feet with a weapon if you don't want to join them in their ranks.

Play on the TV, in tabletop mode, or in handheld mode with up to four players to get in on the action. Online play is supported as well, so long as you've got a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Playing on multiple consoles isn't an issue either, as the game supports cloud saves. At least that way, you know your save data will be safe should an annoying zombie ever get their rotting hands on it...

World War Z is available now on Nintendo Switch for $49.99 USD.

Zombie heaven

World War Z (Nintendo Switch)

$40 at Amazon $40 at GameStop

Can you overcome the waves of the horde?

The undead apocalypse is spreading, and you have a choice to make — will you join them in their ranks, or fight for your life? Band together with your partners in survival as you try to come out of the biggest threat to mankind alive.