This is what Twitter's new Super Follow button will look like

What you need to know

  • Twitter announced Super Follow, its Patreon-like service and it's testing the button people will press to sign up.
  • Two different types of button are being tested.

There's a new monochrome color scheme coming as well.

Twitter announced its new Super Follow option earlier this year and now it seems it's already testing the buttons people will use when signing up. Super Follows will allow people to pay money to see extra content, similar to Patreon.

The new feature doesn't have a specific go-live date yet, but researcher Jane Manchun Wong has been able to take screenshots of not one, but two Super Follow buttons that are currently being worked on. There's a new monochrome look to go with them, while Twitter's new Chirp font is also in effect.

People will be able to sign up to be a Super Follower via the Twitter app on their iPhone, iPad, and Mac with the purchase being processed via the App Store. That's something that's in the news right now thanks to Epic, but while some are balking at handing over a cut of their money, Twitter seems fine with it. At least for now.

With no timing on when Super Follows will be released, we'll all just have to contend with scrambling to try and meet Twitter's latest requirements for being verified instead.