Watch a homicidal AI ridicule a meatbag trying to open their ADA

What you need to know

  • CARROT Weather was the winner of an Apple Design Award.
  • AIs can't open boxes so it was left to CARROT's idiot meatbag to do the honors.

Four minutes of struggle shouldn't be this entertaining.

Apple announced the winners of its Apple Design Awards last week and developers have been receiving their physical awards ever since. But what happens when you aren't physical? You need someone else to open your new award.

CARROT Weather picked up the award for "Interaction for Apps" and took delivery just fine. But with CARROT, the homicidal AI that powers the app severely lacking in hands, it was left to her meatbag creator to do the work. And of course, the whole thing turned into a YouTube video.

Who knew watching someone be berated by a weather app could be so fun?

CARROT and her idiot Maker unbox their Apple Design Award.

Those who don't know CARROT Weather are probably very confused right now. If that's you, go and download the app – you'll figure it all out soon enough!

Working on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch CARROT Weather has long been one of my favorite apps. Not necessarily because it's amazing at telling me what the weather's doing – it is, though – but because it manages to make something so boring, so interesting. That's no mean feat!

To me, CARROT Weather is one of the best iPhone apps ever made and it's great to see it and developer Brian Mueller getting the recognition they deserve.

And no, CARROT didn't make me say that.