Updated Tesla app finally lets drivers customize their car's shortcuts

What you need to know

  • Tesla has updated its iPhone app to version 4.3.0.
  • Drivers can now customize the shortcuts on the vehicle page by tapping and holding.

A tap and hold is all it takes.

Electric car company Tesla has updated its iPhone app to give people the chance to customize the shortcuts on the app's vehicle home page. Those shortcuts allow people to quickly and easily control various aspects of the car like opening the charging port and locking or unlocking the doors.

Those with the Tesla app already installed will see the update is live in the App Store right now. Everyone else can go download it for free as well. Tesla says that this update also adds widget improvements and more, with the full changelog reading:

– Customize quick controls on vehicle homepage with a long press – Adjust Cabin Overheat Protection – Widget improvements – Sentry Mode Live Camera Access on supported cars in select countries

Notably, previous reports suggested that the Sentry Mode Live Camera Access only required version 4.2.1 of the app, but that particular update doesn't mention anything about it. If you're a proud Tesla Premium Connectivity subscriber you might now be able to use the car's cameras from afar. Or you might have been doing that for a few weeks. Not even Tesla seems to know.

The Tesla app is obviously very much the best iPhone app to control Tesla cars, but it's also one of the best car interaction apps in the App Store today — despite its foibles. If you're a Tesla owner who has somehow slept on the app, now might be a good time to rectify that.