UK government ‘has no plans’ to conduct its own report into UFOs

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The UK government has said it hasn’t observed military threats in our skies for ‘over 50 years’ (Picture: Getty)

The UK government has said it has no plans to release a report similar to the US report on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) because it hasn’t observed military threats in ‘over 50 years’.

Responding to questions asked in the House of Lords this week, Baroness Goldie responded on behalf of the MoD that the government ‘holds no reports on unidentified aerial phenomena’.

Baroness Goldie was responding to questions from former Conservative Party treasurer Lord Sarfraz, who asked questions to the Lords on Wedneday.

‘For decades people who have been concerned with UFOs have been dismissed as fantasists,’ Lord Sarfraz said.

‘But now the US director of national intelligence, who oversees 17 intelligence agencies, has published a report saying that data on UFOs is inconclusive.

‘The report offers several possible explanations.

‘It does not rule out that these could be military aircraft with very fast capabilities or even extraterrestrial phenomena.

‘Either way can the minister reassure members of the public that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) takes reports of unidentified objects in our airspace very seriously?’

Lord Sarfraz was referencing the US Pentagon report into UFOs released last week, a long-awaited document which said that military pilots had seen 144 sightings they couldn’t explain since 2004.

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‘UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) clearly pose a safety of flight issue and may pose a challenge to US national security,’ the report said.

In response to Lord Sarfraz’ questions, Baroness Goldie said that the while the MoD doesn’t hold information on UAPs, it ‘constantly monitors UK airspace to identify and respond to any credible threat to its integrity, and is confident in the existing measures in place to protect it’

She added: ‘The MoD deals with actual threats substantiated by evidence. The government continues to take any potential threat to the UK seriously.’

Lady Goldie also told the Lords: ‘The MoD has no plans to conduct its own report into UAP because in over 50 years no such reporting had indicated the existence of any military threat to the United Kingdom.’

One Tory peer, Viscount Ridley, said: ‘Unidentified does not mean suspicious. Does the minister recognise the US report referred to says there is no clear indication that there is any non-terrestrial explanation for the 144 sightings?’

‘The idea that in an era of mobile phone cameras, drones and frequent travel there could possibly be alien spaceships whizzing about undetected in our atmosphere on a regular basis is not I think very plausible.

‘It’s much more likely that these blurred images have boring explanations, alas.’

Lady Goldie said in response: ‘The UK air defence community detect and monitor all flying air systems 24 hours a day to provide an identified air picture as part of the UK’s national security posture and our commitment to the integrity of Nato airspace.’

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