UK Black Friday week deal has AirPods Pro at a bargain £189

Apple's AirPods Pro are generally considered to be among the best earbuds around thanks to their support for Active Noise Cancellation and the mighty impressive Transparency mode. Things get even better when we even talk about the instant device switching and stellar audio quality. Right now is the time to treat yourself to a pair if you haven't already, with Amazon selling a brand new set for just £189 — complete with the updated MagSafe Charging Case, no less!

Welcome to Black Friday week!

Amazon normally sells AirPods Pro for around £240, so you're saving a very respectable £50 here — and Amazon isn't even making you do any work for it, either. Just place an order as you normally would and then try to contain your excitement while you wait for your new earbuds to arrive.

A deal that sounds as good as the AirPods Pro do!

AirPods Pro | £50 off at Amazon

AirPods Pro

Apple's AirPods Pro are its top-of-the-line earbuds with support for Active Noice Cancellation and Transparency mode ensuring they can block sound or let it right in depending on whatever the situation calls for. Stellar battery life and a new MagSafe charging case make these things better than ever.

£189 at Amazon

This deal is set to be one of the best AirPods Black Friday deals we come across, especially for our UK buyers.

Capable of playing audio for more than 24 hours when you use the newly upgraded MagSafe Charging Case, these AirPods Pro will keep working longer than you can! Being able to instantly and seamlessly switch from one Apple device to another never gets old, too. You'll be watching YouTube on your iPad, answering calls on your iPhone, and listening to podcasts on your Mac all without having to tap or click a button anywhere.

Whether you're working at home or dealing with the hustle and bustle of public transport, treat yourself to some ANC earbuds. Your ears will thank you!