Twitter is now showing full-sized images on the web

What you need to know

  • Twitter is no longer cropping images when they appear on the web.
  • Twitter's awkward cropping has gotten it into trouble before.


Twitter is no longer cropping images on the web. That means that when you share an image to Twitter, you can now be sure that it'll look the way you expect in timelines on, reducing the potential for an awkward crop caused by Twitter's algorithm.

Twitter has gotten into trouble before for the way it crops images in timelines, but it's been working to fix that by updating its iPhone and other apps to prevent cropping altogether. Now, that same move has come to the web and it couldn't come soon enough.

Being able to share an image and know that it will look the same way in timelines as it does in the composer is an important thing for tons of reasons, not only because Twitter's cropping has been known to automatically crop in some odd ways. Twitter famously had to investigate claims that its algorithm favored white faces over all others, something that it said wasn't the case — but ultimately disabled it to be sure.

All of that aside, there's no denying that no crop is better than any crop, especially in this case. We'd all rather see the full image in its entirety, right?