Twitter buys Threader, says the tweet threading app closes down next month

What you need to know

  • Twitter has announced it now owns Threader.
  • Threader helped people create and share Twitter threads.
  • Twitter Blue already offers a mode that makes it easy for people to read threads.

Expect to see Twitter Blue's own threading options improve.

Twitter has announced a buyout of Threader, a service that helped people create and then share Twitter threads. As part of the deal, Threader will close on December 15.

The move comes after Twitter recently made Twitter Blue available to people in the United States — one of the features of Twitter Blue is an improved experience in terms of reading threaded tweets.

Twitter will close Threader on December 15 as part of the buyout process, with the plan being to take the Threader experience to the Twitter app, according to a statement on the service's website.

Threader is now a part of Twitter! Since the beginning of this journey, we have always believed that Twitter hosts some of the best content on the Internet. Today, we're closing the loop. We're bringing the Threader experience to Twitter, making threads enjoyable in a distraction-free format.

We noticed the kind of amazing content shared by people on Twitter who worked around the 280 character limit to express longer thoughts, but they were hard to find and even more difficult to read. We felt a desire to highlight these great stories and knowledge shared on the platform.

With Threader coming to a close, customers who have subscriptions are being refunded and they'll be able to continue using the service through to its December 15 demise. After that, it'll be a case of waiting to see what Twitter has in store for us. Whatever itis, expect it to be part of Twitter Blue rather than the basic feature set.