Twitter begins rolling out its Spaces tab on iPhones

What you need to know

  • Twitter has confirmed that it is now rolling out a new Spaces tab that will be found at the bottom of its app.
  • The new Spaces tab is rolling out now, but only for English users of iOS devices.

Only on iOS, and only in English. At least for now.

Social network Twitter has confirmed that it is rolling out a new Spaces tab that will sit at the bottom of the iOS app — and only the iOS app — in an attempt to make it easier for people to find and join its voice chats.

Announced via Twitter, the move will only be available to those who are using iOS devices and have their language set to English. Other languages will get support in the future but Twitter isn't saying exactly when.

We're working on making it easier to find and join Spaces you love. today starts the rollout of the Spaces Tab to more people in English and iOS first, with other languages and Android coming in the future!

Twitter also shared a GIF that outlines what the new tab will look like.

This will of course mean that people will need to be using the official Twitter app if they want to gain access to the new tab, but that's been the case for Spaces since day one and it's a situation that is highly unlikely to change any time soon.

If you aren't seeing the new tab just yet, have faith — Twitter says it's rolling out starting right now so it could take a little while for it to become available to everyone.

Spaces is Twitter's answer to Clubhouse, an app that was once the best iPhone app around for people who wanted to hold voice chats. Now, with Spotify, Twitter, and others in the game, that might not be the case anymore.