Twelve South's StayGo mini brings four extra ports to your USB-C iPad

What you need to know

  • Twelve South has announced the StayGo mini, a miniature USB-C hub for iPads and MacBooks.
  • Users can enjoy four ports including HDMI out, headphone jack, and more.
  • The new hub sells for $59.99.

You can order yours now for $59.99.

Popular accessory maker Twelve South has announced a new hub that's specifically designed for use with iPad Pros, iPad Airs, and MacBooks. The new hub takes a single USB-C port and turns it into four ports.

Dubbed the StayGo mini, the hub is designed to connect right into an iPad's USB-C port, but it can also be attached to a MacBook using an extension cable. No matter how you connect this thing, you can look forward to four ports on the other side; USB-A, 4K HDMI, headphone/audio out, and USB-C power.

StayGo mini USB-C Hub makes editing video and photos or polishing presentations on your iPad Air or iPad Pro much more convenient. How? By giving you four more ports to get things done. With a headphone jack, USB, USB-C and an HDMI port, you can connect and power your most essential accessories. Connect StayGo mini directly to your iPad or use the included 19-inch long cable to place the hub below your Magic Keyboard or HoverBar Duo. Maximize the power of your iPad with a StayGo mini.

The whole thing is encased in a fetching aluminum shell to help reduce heat and it's plug & play — attach anything you need and away you go.

All of this is available today and is priced at $59.99 direct from Twelve South. While it's clearly designed with iPad Pro and iPad Air in mind, who knows — this could also work with an upcoming iPad mini if the rumors are true!

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