This Amazon deal turns your iPhone into a Switch and saves you $30

Amazon Prime Day is here, and some of the best Prime Day iPhone deals this year are gaming-related. If there's only one gaming accessory you consider, it really ought to be the Razer Kishi iOS Mobile Controller. It's compatible with most iPhones, and as we said in our Razer Kishi review, it's both comfortable to hold and provides precise tactile feedback for a better mobile gaming experience whether you're playing Apple Arcade or any other mobile game.

Razer Kishi Game Controller for iPhone | $33 off at Amazon

This nifty device works with most iPhones and basically transforms your phone into a Switch. The buttons and joysticks work wonderfully, and it stores away for easy travel. It's perfect for mobile games and is currently 30% off.

$66 at Amazon

As you might know, Xbox Game Pass for iOS is currently in beta and will launch sometime in the future. If you're excited to play more intensive games on your iPhone, then you really ought to consider getting one of the best game controllers for iPhone. My personal favorite is definitely the Razer Kishi Game Controller.

The buttons and triggers work very well and press down in a very satisfying manner. On top of that, the comfortable handholds really make it easier to play mobile games for long stretches. It comes with two different-sized rubber inserts to match the shape and size of various iPhones. I simply plug my phone into the Lightning dongle, and the sides hold it securely in place while I play.

I always take my Razer Kishi with me whenever I go on trips or whenever someone is already using the TV, and I want to play something. Its small size makes it easy to pack without taking up a lot of space in my luggage. Plus, it's got a durable, chic design that I love showing off in public. When I'm done, I remove my iPhone without issue and put the Razer Kishi away for later. It really is one of the best mobile gaming controllers you can get.