Turn an Apple Watch into a toolkit with this strangely awesome watch band

What you need to know

  • A watch band and adapter kit turns your Apple Watch into a toolkit.
  • The watch band is made by Leatherman and isn't a band at all, while an adapter turns it into something for your Apple Watch

You didn't know you needed this until just now, did you?

Apple's Apple Watch Series 6 is already a great wearable for all kinds of reasons including its ability to save lives, open doors, and help us keep fit. But did you know that it can tighten screws, too? You do now!

First reported by Yanko Design, this whole thing is a bit bizarre but also very awesome. See, Leatherman makes a multitool bracelet that includes 29 different tools and costs $150 from Amazon. But you need a way to attach that to an Apple Watch, which is where the $58 BestTechTool adapter comes into the mix.

As Yanko Design reports:

The magic lies in two parts – the existing Leatherman Tread Bracelet, which packs 29 high-strength stainless-steel multitools in a portable, travel-friendly band that sits along your wrist… and the adapter, which turns the bracelet into a strap that attaches to your Apple Watch (or any other smartwatch). The bracelet's individual links hold as many as 3 tools per module, from flathead screwdrivers to Phillips head screwdrivers, a wide range of hex-drivers, and even an oxygen tank wrench

Impressive stuff, no? I'm the least capable person on the planet in terms of manual labor and building or fixing things, but even I want one of these things strapped to my wrist.

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