TIME names Tim Cook one of the world's most influential people

What you need to know

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook has been named on TIME's list of The 100 Most Influential People.
  • Cook recently ticked past ten years in charge of Apple.

Not a bad list to be part of.

Apple CEO has found himself on TIME's list of The 100 Most Influential People of 2021 in what is also his tenth year in charge of the company.

Coming a day after Apple announced its new iPhone 13 and a raft of refreshed products, the news further highlights how Cook has become one of the most important people on the planet for a variety of reasons.

Cook's TIME profile was written by Nike co-founder Phil Knight.

In 2005, when we first talked to Tim Cook about becoming a member of the Nike board, we were hoping to add a good decisionmaker to the team. Within a short time, he proved himself to be a man of excellent judgment, able to think tactically and strategically in an industry far different from his own. He also offered the most valuable attribute of any leader in any field: wisdom.

Knight goes on to talk about what makes Cook stand out from the crowd, namely his "character, compassion, courage." He also pointed out that Apple's stock has "gone up 1,000%" in the decade since Cook took over from Steve Jobs.

The last decade has undoubtedly been a good one for Apple and Cook himself, with hot product after hit product seeing the company become one of the biggest players in more than one new category. The upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 will be the best Apple Watch yet and will undoubtedly go on to change, and save, lives thanks to its health features.

There aren't too many tech CEOs that can put that on their resume.