Tim Cook talks about privacy directly to European users in new video

What you need to know

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook has appeared in a new privacy video aimed at European users.
  • The video was shared on the Apple UK YouTube page.

Cook was on fine form.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has appeared in a new video aimed squarely at users in the United Kingdom and Europe, with a message shared specifically to the company's Apple UK YouTube account. The topic of the video is privacy, with Apple going over some of the announcements it made during last week's WWDC opening keynote.

Cook opens and closes the six-minute video which covers things like Mail's ability to block email tracking, Siri's new on-device voice recognition, and app nutrition labels. The recently-launched App Tracking Transparency also gets a mention by Cook. Some of the features shared will only be available when iOS 15 launches this fall, however.

Appl is acutely aware that European governments take the privacy of their citizens very seriously and it's no coincidence that this video isn't being shared to all YouTube channels. Cool also took the opportunity to cover Apple's stance on privacy as a whole, saying that it's vital to everything his company makes.

At Apple, our commitment is to give users choice over how their data is used, and to build privacy and security into everything we make.

The full video is embedded below and it's worth a watch, no matter where you happen to live. Much of the video is already available as part of the WWDC opening keynote video that's available on Apple's international YouTube page, too.