Save money and track your stuff on Prime Day and the Tile Performance Pack

Lost your phone, lost your keys, misplaced your wallet — ugh, it's the worst. Well, it's Prime Day, and Amazon has awesome deals to help prevent this situation from happening again. For years some of the best Bluetooth trackers have been made by Tile, and with this deal, you can save 30% off the Tile Performance Pack. With the Slim and Pro trackers, you can say goodbye to losing your stuff ever again.

Tile Performance Pack

Thanks to the Tile Pro and Slim trackers and the vast Tile network, you'll be able to keep track of your stuff — some extra cash with this great deal.

$42 at Amazon

Misplacing stuff can be super frustrating, especially when you weren't the cause of the missing thing — kids, am I right? With the Tile Pro and Slim, simply pair your trackers with the Tile app, slip the Slim into a wallet or purse, attach the Pro to your keys or luggage — and you're set!

This deal will net you two of the best trackers that Tile offers in the Pro and Slim. Each of these will work with Siri, Alexa, and soon Amazon's Sidewalk program in conjunction with the Tile app on your phone to help you keep those essential items from disappearing for good ever again.

Using the built-in Bluetooth in the trackers paired to your phone, through the Tile app, you can tap a button to loudly ring your Pro from 400ft away and your Slim from 200ft. Thanks to the Tile network that securely and anonymously enlists other Tile users, you can see your tracker's most recent location on a map when you are out of Bluetooth range. With your phone as the hub for all the tracking, you know that you're always in command of your stuff.

Wait, what happens if it's your phone that you lose? Tile has you covered here too. You can double-press the button on your tracker, and it will make your phone ring, even on silent — as long as you are in the Bluetooth range of your phone. Thanks to the long, three-year battery life on the Slim and the replaceable coin battery of the Pro, which can get you up a year of use before needing replacing, you're stuff is just a tap away. If you are looking for a different tracker style or want more than just two, we have deals to cover you there too.

Tile Pro 1-pack

$25 at Amazon

Get up to 400ft of Bluetooth tracking range with the Tile Pro, and when that isn't enough, you can utilize the Tile Network to find your lost item.

Tile Mate + Slim 4-pack

$53 at Amazon

This four-pack of Tile trackers will let you find your lost items anywhere you misplace them. Whether that's your keys or wallet, the Tile Mate and Slim will be there to help.

Tile Mate 2-Pack

$34 at Amazon

With a replaceable battery, built-in attachment loop, and the ability to track your devices nearly anywhere you lose them, the Tile Mate is here to save the day.