TikTok is the latest to get a SharePlay update, adds new 'For Us' page

What you need to know

  • TikTok has been updated to add support for iOS 15's SharePlay.
  • The 'For You' page turns into a 'For Us' page when SharePlay is enabled via FaceTime.

An interesting use of SharePlay by the folks at TikTok.

Popular video streaming and sharing app TikTok has been updated to add support for SharePlay and it actually offers a pretty great use of the new iOS 15 feature.

As spotted by a Twitter user and then spied by 9to5Mac, using SharePlay over FaceTime causes TikTok's 'For You' page to turn into a 'For Us' page, effectively mixing the feed using videos that would normally be served to the people on the call. It's an interesting idea, although it does potentially open the door for embarrassment depending on which side of TikTok you happen to be on.

Predictably, TikTok's release notes make no mention of SharePlay whatsoever, but the feature is definitely there.

Being able to watch videos via SharePlay could be a great way for people to enjoy time together even when they have to be apart and it's super cool to see TikTok taking advantage of the API in this way. It'll be super interesting to see what other apps offer in the future, too.

Anyone with a TikTok account should be able to take this for a spin so long as all parties are using iOS 15.1 or later. Simply start a FaceTime call, open TikTok, and tap the SharePlay button.

SharePlay is probably one of the best iPhone features that most people don't know exists. Apps like TikTok adding support will hopefully improve matters in that regard.