Pre-orders for epic anime RPG Tales of Luminaria are now live

What you need to know

  • BANDAI NAMCO has announced pre-registration for the upcoming epic RPG Tales of Luminaria.
  • The new game will be available on iPhone and iPad, but no release date has been given.

It's looking great, but we don't know when we will be able to play it yet.

BANDAI NAMCO today announced pre-registration for the upcoming epic RPG Tales of Luminaria, with the game now listed in the App Store. The title, which continues the 25-year history of the 'Tales' series, is designed for mobile-first and is set to benefit from "simple tap and flick controls."

Despite those controls, the announcement press release says gamers will still enjoy action-filled battles. Each battle "links to each characters' personality, whether it's standing quickly with a sort or sniping remotely."

Tales of Luminaria will bring a new mobile game experience, with its ensemble drama type of system that plays out from 21 different perspectives showing their way of life and the bonds they share with their friends. These unique 21 protagonists, designed by Shun Saeki, grow as they clash with each other over their own "justice". Every time you play through the stories of the various characters, you will learn more about the characters' true intentions, and the world around them.

Keen to learn more? Community Relations Producer Chieze takes us through what we can expect when the game lands on our devices.

With 21 diverse characters, Tales of Luminaria should have plenty of depth to keep gamers coming back for more. We don't know everything about those characters just yet, but details will be made available via the game's official social platforms, starting today.

The Tales of Luminaria game is now available to pre-order in the App Store — it's listed as a free game with in-app purchases, too. Pre-ordering the game ensures you'll be among the first to play it — whenever it's released, that is.

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