Sticky Widgets 3.0 is a huge update with new lists, Shortcuts support, more

What you need to know

  • Sticky Widgets 3.0 is a huge update to an already great way to put text on your Home screen.
  • Users can now create lists that live in their widgets for the first time.
  • Shortcuts support means users can read and create notes using a shortcut.

Interface improvements improved syncing, and more improvements make this the best Sticky Widgets yet.

The popular Sticky Widgets has a big version 3.0 update out and it adds some much-requested features and improvements. The app allows users to put iOS 14 widgets onto their Home screen and then fill them with text. Now, that text includes support for lists.

I'm told by developer Tyler Hillsman that lists are the most requested feature addition and version 3.0 brings them. Alongside creating free-form notes, users can now create lists that can be checked off as needed — perfect for putting a little shopping list onto your iPhone's Home screen.

There are plenty of interface and usability improvements as well, starting with the ability to set a widget using a note's name rather than its unique number — something that's a big improvement here. iCloud syncing is now better and more reliable than before, while the entire app has "had a touch up" with the new note editor looking very modern thanks to its edge-to-edge design.

Power users will enjoy the new Shortcuts support, with users able to update notes directly from a shortcut. What's more, Shortcuts can read the content of a note, too.

The newly updated Sticky Widgets 3.0 is available for download from the App Store now. It's a free download with an optional $2.99 in-app purchase unlocking all of the cool note customization options.

I've been a fan of Sticky Widgets since it arrived in the App Store in September of last year and still use it to this day. This new update will just mean I use it for more stuff than before! This is undoubtedly the best iPhone app for putting text onto your Home screen right now.