All the information you need to know about Sonic Colors Ultimate

Return to one of the Blue Blur's best modern adventures.

It seems like most of gaming's iconic franchises are experiencing an anniversary this year, and that includes the world-famous blue hedgehog, Sonic. Since his debut on the Genesis in 1991, Sonic's trademark speed has made him a gaming icon, and he's enjoyed many classic adventures over his 30 years on the scene.

During the Sonic Central presentation, it was revealed that Sonic Colors, his 2010 Wii adventure, is now returning to modern consoles as Sonic Colors Ultimate. Wondering what the hype is all about? Will it be another feather in the Switch's already great platforming library? Here's everything you need to know about Sonic Colors Ultimate.

What is Sonic Colors Ultimate?

Sonic Colors Ultimate is a remaster of the Wii game, Sonic Colors. It's a platformer set in outer space atop Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park, an interplanetary amusement park that consists of five small planets chained to each other. Players take control of the titular hedgehog as he rescues an alien race, call the Wisps, from his long-time enemy, Doctor Eggman.

To rescue the Wisps, Sonic must destroy the power source at the center of each planet. Each planet features six main levels and a boss level where Sonic faces off against one of Eggman's robot creations. Afterward, Sonic must contend with Mother Wisp, who has been infected with negative energy and turned into Nega-Mother Wisp.

What's different in Sonic Colors Ultimate?

Sonic Colors Ultimate features improved frame-rate, refined controls, enhanced visuals, a new Wisp, a new multiplayer mode, and new cosmetics based on the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. There's also a new Rival Rush mode that pits your head-to-head with Metal Sonic.

Who are the Wisp and what do they do?

The Wisp are colorful little aliens that Sonic must rescue from the clutches of Eggman. The Wisp offers him special powers that help him navigate the levels and defeat Eggman's robots to thank Sonic. There are eight different colored Wisps in Sonic Colors, each with its own unique power.

  • White: The White Wisp fills Sonic's boost gauge, allowing him to boost through enemies and obstacles
  • Yellow: Allows Sonic to drill through the ground.
  • Cyan: Turns Sonic into a bouncy hedgehog and allows him to rapidly bounce from surface to surface
  • Blue: Turns blue coins into solid blue blocks.
  • Green: Allows Sonic to slowly hover and dash across paths of rings.
  • Pink: Lets Sonic roll along walls and ceilings
  • Purple: Turns Sonic into a demon that can chomp through obstacles.
  • Orange: Gives Sonic a serious jump boost.

New to Sonic Colors Ultimate is the Jade Ghost Wisp from Team Sonic Racing, which will allow Sonic to pass through solid objects and access new routes.

Is there multiplayer?

The original Sonic Colors featured a cooperative two-player mode called Eggman's Sonic Simulator, which had players control Sonic-modeled robots or Mii characters through various levels. We expect that mode to return.

Is Tails playable?

When Sonic Colors originally released, it was a Sonic-only affair. But now, more than ten years later, will Sonic's long-time buddy join in on the fun? Well, unfortunately, Tails won't be playable, but he will be around to save Sonic from certain doom. A new Tails save feature will collect special medallions placed around the stages to be saved by Tails after falling off a stage without losing any rings or lives.

Are there any preorder bonuses for Sonic Colors Ultimate?

Yes, preordering the game ahead of time will get you some cool goodies. Preordering the digital deluxe version of the game will grant you exclusive music and player icons, a metallic pack to customize Sonic's gloves and shoes, and an FX cosmetic that gives Sonic an exclusive electric lightning effect like the movie. You also get early access to the game and experience Sonic Colors Ultimate four days early.

Preordering the standard edition will net you the Movie FX and the Player icon pack. Going the physical route will net you the standard edition bonuses as well as an adorable Baby Sonic keychain.

When does Sonic Colors Ultimate release?

Sonic Colors Ultimate will release on September 7th, 2021 for $40, while the Digital Deluxe version will cost $45 and allow you to play on September 3rd. Preorders are available now.

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Sonic Colors Ultimate

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Return to one of Sonic's best 3D adventures.

Sonic Colors Ultimate is the upcoming remaster of 2010's Sonic Colors, one of the highlights in the hedgehog's career.