Someone used an AirTag with a Windows Phone and Steve Jobs would be so mad

What you need to know

  • Someone decided to see whether a Windows Phone could be used with an AirTag.
  • That's a thing that happened and now I'm trying to think of a second point to put into this template.

Turns out Windows Phone supported NFC when it was a thing a million years ago.

Windows Phone is a thing that used to exist and some people hated themselves enough to use it. Turns out those people could have used an AirTag and it's all thanks to the magic of NFC.

See, Windows Phones supported NFC which is impressive considering they were around so long ago that the ads were in black and white. But that NFC support means that a Windows Phone can read an AirTag just fine – or at least, as fine as an Android phone can today. That means it'll scan the AirTag and send people to Apple's Find My website to help return the tracker to its owner. Pretty cool.

Windows Phone fans can check it out in these moving pictures. They're like flip books, but on the internet.

In this video we'll look at using a Windows Phone (and a Nintendo Wii U) to scan Apple's new AirTags and see if we can retrieve contact information from them on these devices.

Yes, you read that right. Mistakes were made and a Nintendo Wi U got involved. Won't someone please think of the children?

Anyone still carrying a Windows Phone around – or not – can pick up some AirTags and strap them to pretty much anything they like. These are some of the best AirTag accessories to help you do it.