Someone put an M1 Mac into the stunning iMac G4 and it's awesome

What you need to know

  • Someone took an M1 Mac and put it inside an old iMac G4 chassis.
  • The iMac G4 was announced 20 years ago and still looks stunning.

If Apple made an updated version of this it would sell like crazy.

The iMac G4 was first announced almost 20 years ago and yet it still looks like it could go on sale today — but maybe without that disc drive on the front! As stunning as the machine looks though, it's going to need some new internals. Developer Colby Sheets thought so, too. The result is an M1 Mac crammed into a lampshade iMac and I need it in my life.

Created as a celebration of Steve Jobs' life, the machine was first appeared in a forum post before popping up in video form on Twitter.

I've always wanted the iMac G4 since I was a kid and I knew a few people made some hackintosh's with them but I didn't want that, I wanted a real Mac. I always thought about putting the Mac mini internals in it but with intel chips it wouldn't work for a couple reasons (size, heat/airflow). Well now with the M1 how thermally cool it runs, I thought I'd give it another shot!

I still remember the first time I saw an iMac G4 and it looks every bit as beautiful today as it did back then.

The original iMac G4 came with an IBM PowerPC chip and 256GB of RAM. This re-worked machine now has an Apple M1 chip inside, bolstered by 8GB of RAM — to say the two are different is an understatement of epic proportions. As is to say that I want to put one of these on my desk.

I need to do it!