Is Snapchat down? Log-in errors are affecting the social network right now.

What you need to know

  • People are reporting log-in errors when trying to use Snapchat.
  • It isn't clear how long the issue will persist for.

At least it isn't just you!

Update, October 13 (07:50 am ET): Snapchat says it is aware of the outage and that its teams are "looking into it."

That's right, Snapchat is now very much down with people reporting various log-in errors when trying to access the photo and video-sharing social network.

Upon my testing I was shown a log-in page despite having previously been signed in. Attempts to re-authenticate failed with an error suggesting I should check my connection before trying again.

DownDetector reports that the issues began a few minutes ago.

If you're having issues logging in right now, rest easy — it isn't just affecting you or your account and we have to assume that the folks at Snap are very aware of the problem. Hopefully a fix is just around the corner.

We'll update this post as and when things change! Snapchat is often considered to be one of the best iPhone apps for sharing your thoughts in video form — but probably not so much right now!

While fixing Snapchat login errors can often be as simple as re-installing the app, that seems unlikely to fix things in this instance. Best to just sit back and wait for now.

Update, October 13 (07:50 am ET) — Snapchat knows!