This Switch controller has motion controls and amiibo scanning and it's $21

I absolutely love my Switch and take it with me just about wherever I go. While the Joy-Cons that come with the Switch have their uses, I really prefer to play with a traditional controller. Since the official Pro Controller is sooooo expensive and incredibly hard to find in stock right now, I've found a third-party controller that works just as good but for less than half the price. Today it's on sale, so you can get it for only $20.79. This is definitely one of the best Nintendo Switch Prime Day deals you'll see today.

Nintendo Switch Controller | 20% off at Amazon

This third-party controller is the one I use most often. It features motion controls, amiibo scanning, and rumble in a traditional gamepad shape. Plus, it feels great in your hands and has a massive Home button for easy access.

$21 at Amazon

So what makes this particular Switch controller worth buying? A few things. First off, it feels really good in my hands. It's not as hefty as a Pro Controller, but it has enough weight to it to make its presence known. Plus, the shape is a better fit for my adult hands. It features all of the buttons you need but includes an extra Turbo button that you can assign to spam any button of your choosing. Plus, the Home button is large and in the center like how it's located on a PlayStation or Xbox Controller. I love this placement since it makes it easier to open the home menu whenever I like.

It has an internal battery and lasts for long stretches. In fact, I use it almost daily and I've never once had it run out of juice on me during a playing session. Just be sure to charge it up between uses and you'll be good to go. Additionally, this controller is one of the only third-party options to include amiibo scanning. So whether I'm scanning my Animal Crossing amiibo cards or one of my Zelda amiibo, I know it will work as it should.

Finally, it has motion controls and rumble, so you can experience all of the features a Nintendo Switch game has to offer. Many third-party controllers at this price omit these features. It was already a great choice at its full price, but with this Prime Day deal, this controller is a real steal. Grab it before this deal ends or worse it runs out of stock.