Review: SightPro is the screen protector that does it all

Stop searching; this is the screen protector you've been looking for.

After my previous MacBook got permanent screen damage from everyday wear and tear, I knew I needed to protect the screen on my new MacBook Air with M1. I did some research but couldn't decide which kind of screen protector I wanted. Glossy or matte? Privacy screen or not? Blue light blocking? I was lost in a mire of indecision until I came across the SightPro Magnetic Privacy Screen Protector. Here we have an all-in-one removable magnetic screen protector that is double-sided and provides privacy at the same time.

The magnetic part is important, since it allows you to change from the matte, anti-glare surface to the glossy surface according to your current lighting. If you want to go from matte to glossy, you simple turn it over and snap it back into place. The privacy feature means that no one can peek at your screen from off to one side to try and see what you're doing, and there's also built-in blue-light filtering! So after all that searching, I found the screen protector that does it all.

Bottom line: The SightPro Magnetic Screen Protector does it all; privacy screening, blue-light filtering, and anti-glare features. The best part is that it's easy to remove and reattach in seconds.

The Good

  • Two-sided, magnetic design is removable
  • Provides privacy screening
  • Matte side blocks glare while glossy side has more clarity
  • Filters harmful UV and blue light

The Bad

  • Sometimes gaps at the bottom of the screen
  • Darkens screen slightly

$49 at SightPro$33 at Amazon

SightPro Magnetic Screen Protector: Price and availability

SightPro is a propular brand that's not hard to find online. You can purchase the SightPro Magnetic Privacy Screen Protector for MacBook on the SightPro website, of course, but it is also available at major retailers like Walmart and Amazon. The brand also offers screen protectors for all sizes of Apple laptops and Mac computers. The best price I've seen for this product is at Amazon, where you can order it for $33. If it goes even lower on promotion, we'll be sure to list it in our Deals section.

SightPro Magnetic Screen Protector: The all-in-one screen protector

There are a ton of screen protectors available online and a lot of brands to choose from, which can make it hard to decide which product to go with. What I love about the SightPro Magnetic Screen Protector is that it checks all the boxes. While many screen protectors are either glossy or matte, blue-light blocking or privacy screening; this one offers all of these features in one solution.

For one thing, it's not permanent. If for any reason you need to take it off, you can remove the protector and snap it back on at will. The magnets at the top of the screen protector are strong and reliable, even when you close the laptop. This also makes it possible to switch between the glossy side or the matte side. While both sides offer the privacy screening feature, the matte side is better in high glare situations, like if you're working outdoors or right next to a window. The glossy side has better clarity, so this is the best option in indoor environments when you need more brightness and better color reproduction.

While many screen protectors are either glossy or matte, blue-light blocking or privacy screening; this one offers all of these features in one solution.

As for privacy, this is an excellent feature that I really appreciate when I'm out and about. When I'm working at a coffee shop or next to a stranger on an airplane, I don't have to worry about them trying to see my screen. It appears dark and opaque to anyone trying to peek from either side. Although someone can spy on you from directly directly behind, it helps to block prying eyes from peeking at your screen from the sides.

Finally, I feel like I have less eye fatigue from working with this screen protector. Granted, it could be in my head, but I do feel like my eyes are less tired from staring at the screen all day. I'm thinking that this is because of the built-in UV and blue-light blocking features. Either way, it's a comfort knowing that this screen protector may be preventing some eye strain or damage over time.

SightPro Magnetic Screen Protector: The dark factor

There were two things that I didn't love about the SightPro Screen Protector. First is that the magnets that attach the protector to the screen are only at the top, so sometimes it pokes out at the bottom of the screen, just a little. To solve this problem, SightPro sends the product with transparent silicone strips to keep it attached at the bottom of the screen. But then, you have one side that sticks and one side that doesn't. Luckily I prefer the matte side, so I keep it on one side most of the time, and the silicone strip keeps the bottom of the protector firmly in place.

By nature, matte privacy screens darken the screen a little.

The second thing is that, by nature, matte privacy screens darken the screen a little. This is less evident on the glossy side, but since I usually work on the matte side, I do notice a tiny bit of darkening. I generally don't do graphics work or content editing, so this doesn't bother me overmuch. I can see how it might get on someone's nerves if they needed perfect color reproduction though. For designers or content creators, the glossy side might be a must for the clarity and color brightness.

SightPro Magnetic Screen Protector: Competition

There are plenty of other screen protectors on the market, but not many of them offer the same versatility as the SightPro. The most similar option would be the Kensington Magnetic Privacy Screen. This one offers the same features as the SightPro, such as a double-sided magnetic design, blue-light filtering, and privacy screening. This product is more expensive in comparison, however, so the SightPro is the better deal in my opinion.

SightPro Magnetic Screen Protector: Should you buy it?

You should buy this if ...

  • You need removable screen protection for your computer.
  • You don't like people trying to peep at your screen in public.
  • You work in high-glare environments.
  • Your eyes feel tired after staring at the screen all day.

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You plan to change sides a lot and can't abide a little gap at the bottom of the screen.
  • You need perfect clarity and color brightness.

4.5 out of 5

For me, the versatility of the SightPro Magnetic Screen Protector is a great fit. I like having the ability to take off the screen protector and snap it back on whenever I feel like it. I sometimes change sides too, although I usually work on the matte side. It's nice knowing I can flip it over to glossy if needed. The privacy feature gives me peace of mind in public spaces, and the blue-light filtering makes my eyes feel better during long work days. This product checked off all my boxes, and I use it constantly on my MacBook Air with M1.

Bottom line: An all-in-one solution, the Sightpro Magnetic Screen Protector gives you the protection you need for your computer screen, along with a few other convenient features and benefits to boot.

$49 at SightPro$33 at Amazon