Reddit rolls Predictions Tournaments out to everyone

What you need to know

  • Reddit is rolling out Predictions Tournaments to everyone.
  • The feature, an expansion of polls, allows people to predict the outcome of events and conversations.

They're like polls, but different.

Redd says that it is bringing its new Predictions Tournaments to everyone, not just a small subset of users. The move will allow people to flex their knowledge on a particular topic by saying what the outcome will be ahead of time.

Similar to polls, but apparently different, Predictions let people say how they think something will pan out, with sports being the most obvious use case. A 9to5Mac report notes that there will be a leaderboard to show who's better at predicting things, while communities with more than 10,000 members will be the ones with Predictions enabled.

Predictions is a feature off the back of Reddit Polls, and allows redditors to predict the outcome of an event or conversation. Who will win the game tomorrow? Which character will meet their fate in the next episode? Redditors can flex their knowledge of a topic by joining Predictions Tournaments (a series of Predictions) in their favorite subreddits.

The new feature is rolling out now, with examples available already over in the Tennis subreddit. Each user will get 1,000 tokens to join a Predictions Tournament with, but once they're all gone, they're gone.

You'll need to be using the official Twitter app or website for all this, presumably. That leaves out the best Twitter apps, including my personal favorite — Apollo.