Rare Black Friday AirTag deal sees price fall to $88 for a 4-pack

Whilst Black Friday is a great chance to get your hands on many of Apple's best products including the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPad mini 6, iPad Air, and more, one product that has mostly eluded discounts since its release is Apple's AirTag tracking device.

Because of its very low pricing, sale margins are much smaller and we have seen almost no discounts since they were unveiled last year. All that has now changed with this awesome Woot deal on a bundled 4-pack of AirTags, which is the best AirTag deal we've ever seen. The 4-pack of AirTags is a great way to save because the average price per tracker is just $25, down from $30 when you buy them individually. Woot is now selling this 4-pack for just $92.99, which is about six percent off the list price. Not only that, Woot Prime members can get an additional $5 extra, meaning the overall price is just $88, or $22 an AirTag, a much more agreeable price than the standard $30.

Just $22 per AirTag thanks to Woot

Apple AirTag (4-pack)

$88 at Woot

Get four AirTags for just $92, or $88 with a Woot Prime membership, a fantastic saving!

A tiny 3cm in diameter, Apple's AirTag tracking devices work using the Apple Find My network to keep track of your stuff, whether that's a suitcase, bag, dog, bike, scooter, or anything else you can think of. There are a ton of AirTag accessories you can pick up to attack them to different items like a keyring. AirTags have already proven vital for some in tracking their lost (or stolen) goods, and now you can have that same peace of mind thanks to Woot's deal.

If you don't want to purchase a multipack, one is still a great option from the available spots below!

Apple AirTag

Bottom line: For iPhone owners, this is the best item tracker on the market right now. With simple pairing and easy-to-use software, AirTags are a kind excellent Apple product of the same vintage as Apple's AirPod family.

From $29 at Apple From $29 at Amazon From $29 at Best Buy