You can save 40% on some of the best workout earbuds from Jabra

Whenever Jabra releases a new set of truly wireless earbuds, we usually see a "standard" Elite version and then an Elite Active version. This is what happened with the Jabra Elite 65t series of headphones, as the company released the standard version before launching the Elite Active 65t. From a sound quality perspective, these headphones are almost identical, but there's a reason why the Elite Active 65t are amongst the best workout headphones for iPhone.

Jabra Elite Active 65t

From the IP56 water and dust resistance rating to the customizable EQ offered by Jabra's app, the Elite Active 65t are still a fantastic set of truly wireless earbuds. They may be coming up on two years old at this point, but there's a good reason why these are still hanging around.

$60 at Amazon

The key to the "Active" moniker has everything to do with the water and dust resistance, as the Elite Active 65t sport an IP56 rating. This means that you can comfortably use these in the gym or get caught in the rain without worrying about ruining the perfect earbuds.

Admittedly, the Elite Active 65t are a bit older at this point, but that's what makes this Prime Day deal so great. Instead of paying the normal price, you can save 40% and get a set of brand new Elite Active 65t's for just $60.

In addition to the IP56 water and dust resistance, you'll also enjoy the incredible sound quality offered by these earbuds. With the accompanying Jabra app on your iPhone, you can make any changes to the sound that you need to, ensuring the best audio quality suited for your ears. Battery life is solid, as its rated for around five hours on a single charge, while the included charging case adds another 10 hours of juice before you'll need to plug these in.

You may miss out on the seamless integration that's offered by Apple's earbuds, but if you missed out on the best Prime Day AirPods deals, then you won't be disappointed by Jabra's earbuds.