Potential new Apple Store spotted at the Grove mall in Los Angeles

What you need to know

  • Mark Gurman believes a new Apple Store is coming to the Grove mall in Los Angeles.
  • The journalist stumbled upon new construction across from the aging Apple Store in the mall.
  • It appears Apple may be upgrading its presence at the location with a whole new store.

If the Grove mall Apple Store is your local store, you might be IN STORE for an upgrade.

It looks like Bloomberg's Mark Gurman may have just stumbled on a new Apple Store.

In the latest issue of the journalist's Power On newsletter, Gurman himself found what appears to be a new Apple Store that could be coming to the Grove mall in Los Angeles, California. The location is coincidentally right across from an older Apple Store which gives more authority to the rumor as Apple has opened new stores near its old ones multiple times.

A giant new Apple Store is coming to LA. I went to the Grove mall in Los Angeles this past week and noticed a giant new space under construction on the right side of Nordstrom. The upcoming store is noticeably tall, wide and surrounded by materials that Apple has used in its recent retail overhauls.

There's no signage on the construction project to indicate the builder or what store is coming to that space, but it just so happens to be across from an existing Apple store, which has been at that location for nearly two decades and is, quite frankly, aging. My friend Joseph quickly quipped that it must be a new Apple location.

Gurman did say that he was unable to see inside the store so it is currently unknown how far the construction process has come along.

Sure enough, I asked around and it sounds like the new space is indeed for a revamped Apple store at the Grove. As a local, I'm looking forward to it. But it's unclear when it will open, and the front is so covered up that it's hard to get a sense of the progress inside.

If Apple does open a new location, it will be sure to adopt much of the design of the company's newer stores: massive windows, indoor greenery, accents of leather and wood, and more.