Potential iPhone 13 buyers are 'underwhelmed' by the lineup, poll claims

What you need to know

  • A new poll appears to show that almost two thirds of people find the new iPhone 13 lineup underwhelming.
  • Just 14% of those polled said the new handsets were exciting.

More than 5,000 iPhone owners were polled across the United States.

Apple's iPhone 13 lineup has been receiving stellar reviews by those who already bought one of the four new devices but that isn't translating into excitement from those yet to pick one up. A new poll shows that a massive 64% of respondents feel the iPhone 13 lineup is "not very" or "not at all" exciting.

The poll, but together by SellCell, saw more than 5,000 United States-based iPhone owners respond to questions relating to the newly-announced products. Of those who do find the new models compelling, the new ProMotion display and longer battery life were the main reasons.

  • When asked what they think of the new iPhone 13 lineup, 14.4% of Apple users said it is "extremely" or "very exciting"; 21.5% rated it "somewhat exciting"; 64.1% deem it "not very" or "not at all" exciting.
  • 23.2% of existing iPhone users intend to upgrade to iPhone 13; purchase intent down 20.5% compared to a pre-launch survey published two months ago.
  • iPhone 13 Pro is the most popular choice among upgraders at 42.5%, followed by iPhone 13 Pro Max (26.3%), standard iPhone 13 (22%), and finally iPhone 13 Mini (9.2%).
  • Upgraders revealed '120Hz ProMotion display on Pro models' (34.1%), 'Longer battery life' (25.3%), 'Just due for an upgrade' (15.7%), 'Locked into yearly upgrade/trade-in program' (10.5%), and 'Improved camera features such as Cinematic mode, Photographic Styles, etc.' (5.4%) as top reasons for considering the upgrade.

While those who already own iPhone 13 handsets believe them to be the best iPhones ever made, it's clear that the perceived 's' year phenomenon is in full effect here. That despite huge improvements to battery life, the Pro models gaining a silky-smooth 120Hz display, and re-worked cameras systems all around.

The whole iPhone 13 lineup went on sale late last month and anyone ordering a device today could be waiting into November for delivery, depending on the model and configuration they choose.