Posting to Twitter from Instagram just got a lot better

What you need to know

  • Instagram is rolling out a tighter integration with Twitter.
  • Posting to Twitter from Instagram will now provide a preview of the post through a Twitter Card.

Instagram is now a first-class citizen on Twitter.

Today, Instagram announced a surprising update for those who want to share content to Twitter.

In a Twitter post, the company announced that you'll now be able to share content from Instagram to Twitter and that a preview of your content will actually be available. This includes a preview of the photo in a Twitter Card.

They said it would never happen… Twitter Card previews start rolling out TODAY. 👀

Now, when you share an Instagram link on Twitter a preview of that post will appear. 🙌

This is a great win for anyone who posts content from Instagram to Twitter. Until today, sharing an Instagram post to Twitter resulted in a URL with no context or preview as to what it was for. The only way to provide context to what was going on with your Instagram post was to add a photo or add some text into your Twitter post which effectively made it useless to post from Instagram in the first place.

Now, sharing a post from Instagram will actually show a preview of the post on Twitter using the Twitter Cards feature which is already used when sharing links from a number of websites on the social media platform.

Instagram says that the feature is rolling out today so start sharing from Instagram to Twitter en masse.