Give your MacBook the ports it deserves with 50% off this Belkin USB-C hub

If you have a newer MacBook that only has USB-C ports, then you know the pain. You want to use your favorite keyboard or even a microphone or webcam, but you can't plug it in because you don't have the standard USB-A ports. Or maybe you need to use an external display with your MacBook. Either way, it's a pain, but the Belkin USB-C Hub with Tethered USB-C Cable helps you get the job done.

Normally $100, this Belkin USB-C Hub is 50% off for Prime Day, knocking the price down to $49.99. That's an incredible savings and one of the lowest prices we've seen for this particular dock so far. If you need a hub for extra ports, this is one you don't want to miss out on.

Belkin USB-C Hub with Tethered USB-C Cable | 50% off at Amazon

$49.99 at Amazon

This 6-in-1 USB-C Hub comes with a tethered cable, so you get more flexibility with placement. It comes with the standard ports that you need to do what you need to do.

If you're serious about getting any work done on your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, then you're going to need to grab a great USB-C hub. Not only will a USB-C hub bring back all of the ports you need, but you can even get pass-through charging, so you can plug things in and charge at the same time.

The Belkin USB-C Hub with Tethered USB-C Cable gives you freedom and flexibility with where you have it on the desk. While some hubs will use two ports and stay attached to the MacBook, this one can be moved around as you need it, giving you some leeway, especially when you need to hook it up to an external display. It's also fairly slim and compact enough to take with you anywhere in your tech bag.

With the Belkin USB-C Hub, you get a total of six ports in one: one USB-A 3.0, one USB-A 2.0, one USB-C, an HDMI, a Gigabit Ethernet, and an SD card reader. So as you add six ports to one USB-C port on your MacBook, you should be able to connect your hard drives, monitors, projectors, mouse, keyboard, SD card, internet, and more without issue.

If you're worried about charging, don't be. Belkin's USB-C Hub supports pass-through charging up to 60W and also has a 5Gbps data transfer rate. That means you can plug in and charge your MacBook right with this port, and copying data over to your computer is a breeze with fast speeds.

For anyone who wants to get serious work done, a USB-C hub is necessary for a MacBook. Belkin makes some of the best USB-C hubs for MacBook out there, and with 50% off, this is one of the best Prime Day MacBook deals we've seen. You don't want to miss out on this one. And don't forget to check out the other great Prime Day deals we've found throughout the day!