Snapchat for iPhone is working but you need to download an update

What you need to know

  • Snapchat suffered from a long outage yesterday, seemingly caused by a faulty app update.
  • A new update has been made available via the App Store that restores service.

Go grab Snapchat from the App Store now.

Yesterday was a tough day for iPhone owners who enjoy their Snapchat time. Users found that Snapchat wouldn't work after downloading the most recent update from the App Store. There was no workaround and no fix in sight. But panic not, because Snapchat's back!

Snapchat announced that the problem was fixed in a tweet but you're going to need to download another new update to get everything back up and running. Snapchat promises this one will work, though!

Snapchat wasn't particularly forthcoming in the release notes, but a simple "Bug fixes" will have to suffice.

The previous update, version, caused the app to crash on launch which obviously put a dampener on proceedings for people keen to share photos of their outfits and lunch — or whatever it is people do with Snapchat these days. It isn't clear exactly what went wrong with the previous update or why it wasn't caught by Snapchat's own testing and beta process, but it isn't the first time an app update has broken things completely and it won't be the last, either.

Perhaps this is a lesson for smaller developers who think big teams don't have issues like this — even the best iPhone apps and development teams can have things go awry when you least expect it!