Order an Apple TV 4K today and you'll wait 5 weeks for it to arrive

What you need to know

  • The new Apple TV 4K is now available for order but you're going to be waiting up to five weeks for it to arrive.
  • The 64GB model appears to be more popular and has the longest wait time.

You can get one more quickly by going for the 32GB model, though.

Apple only announced its refreshed Apple TV 4K recently and it's only been available for pre-order for a few days, but it's already proving popular. Anyone ordering a 64GB Apple TV 4K from Apple today will have to wait up to five weeks for it to be delivered. The 32GB version will arrive a little more quickly, although even that could come after launch day.

It isn't clear whether this news means that the 64GB version is more popular, however. Without knowing how many units have been produced we can't make judgments on individual device popularity, but it does seem that people are keen on the new set-top box.

Beyond the storage, both Apple TV 4K configurations are identical and with the device aimed at streaming content, it's a matter for debate whether additional storage is required. Those using their Apple TV 4K for games might benefit from the extra space, however.

If you need yours more quickly you could try ordering from somewhere other than Apple. These are some of the best Apple TV deals you'll find.