No, Man United's Axel Tuanzebe wasn't wearing an Apple Watch during a game

What you need to know

  • Manchester United defender Axel Tuanzebe looked like he was wearing an Apple Watch during yesterday's Premier League game with Leicester City.
  • Despite what fans thought on Twitter, it was actually a Whoop Fitness Tracker.

But it did look like he was for a minute.

When Manchester United defender Axel Tuanzebe took to the Old Trafford pitch during a Premier League game yesterday, it didn't take people long to notice something was off. Strapped to the player's wrist was what appeared to be an Apple Watch. Twitter, as it is wont to do, lit up.

Except it wasn't an Apple Watch at all. Sure did look like one, though!

I'm not even sure where something like that would fit within the rules, but it seems the refereeing team was happy for Tuanzebe to play with something wrapped around his wrist, An odd move considering the other limitations placed on players while out on the pitch.

Anyway, SPORTbible points out, this isn't an Apple Watch at all. Instead, it's a Whoop Fitness tracker – used by the likes of NFL players to keep track of their movements during a game.

And here we were thinking Tuanzebe just wanted to get his step count up! I'm sure he already has a fancy Apple Watch Series 6 at home somewhere, no doubt alongside some very expensive wristwear!

The Manchester United players do have plenty of options in terms of tracking their players' movements and heart rates – including some of the best fitness trackers and heart rate monitors we've ever come across.