(Almost) confirmed! iPhone 13 Pro Max case branding could end naming debate

What you need to know

  • Newly leaked video appears to show iPhone 13 Pro Max cases.
  • The branding could finally put an end to questions about whether the next iPhone will use the number 13 in its name.

There had been questions surrounding the name of Apple's next iPhone.

If all goes according to expectations we should see Apple announce iPhone 13 later this month. And now we might know with more certainty that it will indeed carry that name rather than the previously rumored iPhone 12s.

While there have long been questions about whether Apple would decide against iPhone 13 and instead use the 12s moniker, a new Twitter video appears to have outed the actual name via a stack of Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max cases.

Originally shared by Twitter account @PinkDon1 before being deleted, the video has now been reuploaded by Majin Bu, giving us another look at what appears to be a ton of Apple's iPhone 13 Pro Max Silicone Cases.

The cases and packaging appear to match up with what we would expect Apple's own cases to look like and the number shown in this short video suggests they are in a distribution facility operated by Apple or one of its suppliers.

Some had wondered whether Apple might avoid using the number 13 due to various potential issues, ranging from people believing that the number was unlucky to phobias relating to the number itself. That now seems less likely, with some of the thought that the "s" years are now a thing of the past.

Apple's iPhone 13, if rumors are true, will ship with a new, smaller notch as well as improved cameras and a fancy 120Hz ProMotion display. It'll be the best iPhone ever made — regardless of what Apple calls it.