Find Celebi in New Pokémon Snap

For the Pokémon fans who just love these cute creatures and want to capture them in their natural state, there's New Pokémon Snap on the Nintendo Switch. Players get to see a wide range of Pokémon from common to legendary, and among the upper echelon of Pokémon seen is the psychic/grass type, Celebi. Others include Xerneas, Shaymin, Mew, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Suicune, Diancie, Manaphy, and Jirachi. Snapping a photo of these legendary Pokémon can earn you bragging rights, and they aren't the easiest to get.

So, you want Celebi? We can help make that happen. Although it will take some work to get to this legendary, once you reach the point in the game where they are available, it will be easy to take a picture of Celebi! Grab your camera or the perfect Pokémon controller, and let's get going!

How to take a picture of Celebi

  1. Complete the main story.
  2. Go to the research camp.

  3. Select Research on the left-hand menu to go on a research expedition.

  4. Select the Elsewhere Forest .
  5. In the last section of the Elsewhere Forest, keep your camera ready to capture as Celebi comes flying by you.

The most important step to note here is to complete the main story first. You won't see Celebi until you've completed all of the professor's main quests to unlock all the maps and obtain all the orbs and Illumina Pokémon. Once you do, you can easily take a picture of Celebi; it's one of the easier legendary Pokémon to capture and seem to love the camera!

There are a few poses you could get when you take a picture of Celebi. You can get them flying, next to a Bewear, eating, transporting, and more! It just takes the perfect timing for the shot you are looking to grab.

Legend....dary Pokémon

So, that's how you do it! You can catch a great picture of Celebi for the Professor, or you can show it off to your friends. Have you managed to snap a picture of some legendary Pokémon? How are you liking New Pokémon Snap? Let us know in the comments below.

New Pokémon Snap

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Go on a research expedition with Professor Mirror and friends to discover more about the Lental Region. Take photos of Pokémon in the area to expand your knowledge and discover more about a mysterious phenomenon.