'Mythic Quest' celebrates season two premiere with $15 off at Grubhub

Apple launches its latest merchant promotion with...Mythic Quest?

What you need to know

  • "Mythic Quest" has launched a new promotion with Grubhub.
  • Season two of the Apple TV+ series will premiere on Friday, May 7.

Apple's latest merchant promotion is with...Mythic Quest and Apple TV+?

Earlier today, the "Mythic Quest" Twitter account tweeted out that it was teaming up with Grubhub, the popular food delivery service, to offer fans of the show up to $15 off an order. While these kinds of promotions are normally reserved for Apple Pay, Apple seems to be branching out.

Of course, they played the promotion around the show, which follows the story of a game development company.

Just found out if you work past 6pm Mythic Quest pays for your dinner, up to $15! Looks like I'm working late every night from now on. What should I get with my new @grubhub card tonight?

While it's unclear exactly what the terms and conditions of the promotion are, I did give it a try and the code MYTHICQUESTSTAFFMEAL, sure enough, worked on the Grubhub app.

The Apple TV Twitter account retweeted the promotion and, hilariously, made a joke about how an employee is getting in trouble for sharing the code on "Insta." It looks like someone forgot to change that copy for the right social network.

Season two of "Mythic Quest" will premiere on Apple TV+ on Friday, May 7. If you want to watch it in the best possible quality, check out our list of the Best Apple TV in 2021.

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