Music Widget brings back the 2005 iTunes nostalgia we didn't know we needed

What you need to know

  • Music Widget is a macOS app that mimics the popular iTunes widget from Mac OS X of yesteryear.
  • The free download acts as a remote for the Music app on macOS Big Sur.

It'll only work with the Music app, though.

If you've been using a Mac for a while you might remember the iTunes widget that let us control our music from the Dashboard back in the day. Back in 2005, to be specific. Well, iTunes might be dead and buried on the Mac, but that widget lives on in the form of a free app called Music Widget.

Created by developer Mario Guzman, the app mimics that Max OS X Tiger widget and lets you control playback from the Music app just fine. It won't work with Spotify though, so that's something to keep in mind.

The app runs fine on macOS Big Sur β€” and the macOS Monterey beta, if you're so inclined β€” and can be downloaded in its beta form now. It's a great trip down memory lane for those of us who have been around a little longer than others. But it's also functional, letting you put the Music controls anywhere you want without taking up too much screen space.

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