Review: Stay connected and aware with MU6 Ring open-ear headphones

A high-quality, transparent audio experience.

I've tried and reviewed a bunch of different wireless headphones including in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear options. The MU6 Ring wireless headphones are my first open-ear pair, and I've got to say I love them! This open-ear concept allows you to hold conversations and stay aware of your surroundings, all while listening to all your favorite audio.

Bottom line: MU6 Ring is an open-ear, wireless headphone. It's comfortable to wear and allows you to hold conversations and be aware of your surroundings, while listening to your favorite music, podcasts, or audio books.

The Good

  • Open-ear headphones
  • High-quality sound
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • 10-hour battery life

The Bad

  • Others can hear your audio
  • Audio doesn't get very loud
  • Takes adjusting if wearing with glasses

$75 at Amazon

MU6 Ring: Price and availability

MU6 Ring is currently available on Amazon for $75. Your purchase includes the Ring headset, three reflective strips, micro-USB cable for charging, and a waterproof carrying bag. You may occasionally find it on sale for less, or there may be an Amazon coupon to bring the price down even further.

MU6 Ring: Open-ear, comfortable, easy

I love the open-ear concept of the MU6 Ring headphones. I go on a lot of outdoor walks, hikes, and runs, and this open-ear design enables me to hear my surroundings, while listening to my favorite tunes, podcasts, or audio books. The ring headset encircles the back of your head and features foldable ends that hook over your ears. It's fully adjustable and can easily accommodate all head shapes and sizes.

I wasn't sure what the sound quality would be like on the Ring, but it's surprisingly good. I'm a DJ and avid music listener, so high-quality audio is very important to me. I'm pleased to report that the Ring delivers. Sound comes through crystal clear — I can hear all three levels: trebles, mid-levels, and bass lines well. The bass lines are the weakest of the three, but that's to be expected from a design that's supposed to be transparent and not fully immersive.

MU6 Ring is easy to use and lets you listen to your favorite audio and surroundings.

Perhaps my favorite thing about MU6 Ring is its lightweight design and comfortable fit. Seriously, I can wear this thing all day long and barely notice that it's there. It gently hugs the side of your head, so it stays firmly in place while you move, but not so much that it becomes irritating after long periods of time. I've worn it during high-intensity cardio workouts and have tried to force it out of place by vigorously shaking my head from side to side, but it stays put. This is by far my most comfotable pair of headphones.

This headset is very easy to use. It only has one control button, located on the right side. You use this button to turn it on and off, control the volume, skip forward or back, answer and hang up the phone, reject a call, and connect to your voice assistant. Simple and responsive. It features Bluetooth connectivity and has seamlessly paired with my MacBook Pro, iPhone, and MYX II indoor bike.

MU6 Ring offers a solid battery life of 10 hours on a full charge. It arrived with enough juice to keep me listening on and off for days without needing to be plugged in again. It comes with a micro-USB cable for charging, and the input can be found on the right side under the control button. It features fast-charging and can get to 100% in just 90 minutes.

MU6 Ring: No privacy, low volume, glasses

The MU6 Ring is an open-ear concept, designed to enable you to hear your surroundings or carry on a conversation, while listening to audio. Therefore, those around you can hear whatever you're listening to. These are great for outdoor workouts or wearing in the privacy of your own home, but I wouldn't recommend wearing these on an airplane, subway, or train.

The Ring does not get super loud and those around you will be able to hear your audio.

They also don't get super loud. This again, is purposeful, so you can hear your external environment while listening to your favorite tunes. Additionally, the Ring takes a little adjusting if you're wearing them with glasses. The part that hooks over your ears takes some finagling to achieve a comfortable fit.

MU6 Ring: Competition

AfterShokz OpenMove Headphones

This is another open-ear headset design. Instead of air conduction, AfterShokz OpenMove use bone conduction technology to deliver audio through the cheekbone, keeping you connected and aware of your surroundings. OpenMove wraps around the head and hooks over the ear. These are similar in price range, but MU6 Ring offers much better battery life of 10 hours versus OpenMove's six.

Sanag Headphones

Like the MU6 Ring, Sanag open-ear, wireless, headphones use air conduction technology to deliver quality sound. This headset is lighter than the Ring, weighing in at 18 grams versus the Ring's 35 grams. They're also slightly less expensive. MU6 Ring comes out ahead in battery life however, with 10 hours of continuous playtime, versus Sanag's eight.

MU6 Ring: Should you buy it?

You should buy this if ...

  • You want open-ear headphones
  • You want something lightweight and comfortable
  • You want long battery life

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You want fully immersive audio
  • You don't want others to hear your audio
  • You need extra volume

You should buy the Ring if you want a wireless, open-ear headset. It features Bluetooth connectivity and uses air conduction technology to deliver high-quality sound. It only weights 35 grams, making it comfortable to wear. It's fully adjustable for the perfect fit. It features fast-charging and 10 hours of continuous play time. You shouldn't buy the Ring if you want fully immersive audio. This open-ear concept is meant to keep you in transparency mode all of the time so you can hear your surroundings. That being said, those around you will be able to hear whatever you're listening to as well. These don't get super loud. They're not right for you if you want major volume.

4 out of 5

MU6 Ring lets you listen to your favorite audio and your surroundings. It's lightweight, extremely comfortable, and adjustable to fit all head sizes. The single control button makes this headset easy to use, and you get 10 hours of continuous play time on a full charge. I love my Ring. It's perfect for outdoor workouts, working in my home office, and getting things done around the house.

Bottom line: MU6 Ring is an open-ear wireless headset. It's perfect for any activity where you want to listen to audio, but stay aware of your surroundings.

$75 at Amazon