Mini-LED MacBook Pro suppliers say the device is on schedule

Previous reports indicated the new laptops might be delayed.

What you need to know

  • Apple is reportedly planning new mini-LED MacBook Pro models for this year.
  • Previous reports suggested they might be delayed.
  • A new report claims they are in fact on schedule.

A new report claims that Apple's mini-LED MacBook Pro might actually be on schedule, following previous reports of delays because of chip shortages.

Digitimes reports:

LED suppliers for Apple's upcoming MacBook Pro have said their shipments for the new model are on schedule, in response to recent reports about the shortage of related mini LED chips and other ICs, according to industry sources.

Digitimes says the new MacBooks are apparently scheduled for October or November of this year, and that suppliers are preparing to supply four million of them this year. It follows previous reports of delays because of mini-LED supply constraints. From the same outlet:

A new report claims the mini-LED MacBook Pro rumored for release later this year might be delayed because of silicon shortages.

From Digitimes:

The ongoing chip shortages that are in varying degrees may cause the launch of Apple's upcoming miniLED-backlit MacBook Pros to be scheduled in October or even November, instead of the usual September, according to industry sources.

Apple is expected to unveil its new mini-LED MacBook models towards the end of this year. They will reportedly feature a new M1X Apple silicon chip with 10-cores and up to 32GB of RAM. Apple is also expected to tweak the design somewhat, bringing a new squarer chassis and pro ports like HDMI and an SD card slot. There are even rumors that Apple will bring back MagSafe charging, which came back with the iPhone 12 last year.

If reports are correct, the new mini-LED MacBooks might be the best MacBooks ever created.