Apple Watch Series 7 production issues to have 'little effect' on release

What you need to know

  • Apple Watch's reported manufacturing issues will have "little effect" on its mass production and release, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.
  • Apple is expected to announce Applen Watch Series 7 during its September 14 event.

Apple Watch Series 7 is coming and we might be able to buy one more easily than was first feared.

Despite reports that Apple Watch Series 7 production has proven troublesome, a new report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that we should still be able to pick one up relatively easily. According to a new research note seen by iMore, the production schedule issues should have "little effect" on release.

Kuo goes on to say that mass production of Apple Watch Series 7 should be in full flow by the end of this month. That could suggest that some models will still be difficult to come by — especially depending on which part of the world you happen to live in. Apple is expected to release new 41mm and 45mm versions of its new watch with at least two different finish materials on offer — likely more.

Apple Watch Series 7 is set to offer one of the biggest refreshes in the product's history. Not only is the wearable growing in size, but a flatter screen is also being used while the sides of the watch are set to be flat rather than rounded for the first time ever. All of this will make Apple Watch Series 7 the best Apple Watch yet — we just have to hope that we can actually walk into an Apple Store and buy one without too many issues.

Apple Watch Series 7 is likely to be announced during the event that will be held Tuesday, September 14 at 10 am Pacific Time. That same event is also very likely to see the arrival of iPhone 13, too.