Kuo: AirPods 3 to be announced tomorrow, AirPods 2 will hang around for now

What you need to know

  • AirPods 3 are reportedly being announced during tomorrow's iPhone 13 event.
  • Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the new AirPods will not replace the model currently on sale.

That'll mean some price point changes, too.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple will announce the new AirPods 3 alongside the upcoming iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7 during tomorrow's event. What's more. the new earbuds won't replace the existing AirPods 2 in Apple's earbud lineup.

Speaking via a research note seen by iMore, Kuo says AirPods 3 will be sold alongside AirPods 3, with two potential scenarios at play.

  1. Apple could sell AirPods 3 at a price point above that of AirPods 2, adding another layer to its pricing tier.
  2. Apple could reduce the price of AirPods 2 and sell AirPods 3 at the price point vacated by the older model.

Apple's AirPods 2 currently sell for $159 with a wired Charging Case, while $199 will net buyers the same earbuds but 2ith a case that's capable of being charged wirelessly. The AirPods 3 are likely to offer their own Wireless Charging Case, so it's possible AirPods 3 will debut at $199 while AirPods 2 will hang around with the standard case at the existing $199, too.

All of this will happen if and when the new earbuds are announced during tomorrow's event. The refresh is thought to be bringing a new look that mimics that of AirPods Pro, although the same level of features won't be on offer.

Apple's September 14 event will see the arrival of iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7 if rumors turn out to be accurate. It now seems like we can add AirPods to the mix, too.