Kit out your iPhone 13 Pro with these stunning teardown wallpapers

What you need to know

  • The folks at iFixit have shared new wallpapers that show the innards of Apple's new flagships.
  • Versions of the wallpaper are available for both iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Now you can have your wallpaper look like the insides of your iPhone.

The fine folks over at iFixit have today continued their tradition of giving us all a way to look inside our new iPhones without having to take them apart. After ripping their own iPhone 13 Pro apart, iFixit took high-resolution photos of the internals and turned them into wallpapers. You can download them both now.

Different versions are available depending on which iPhone you're using, so make sure to download the one that suits your particular handset. You'll find everything you need over on the iFixit website

Oh, and there are X-ray versions available, too!

Hoping to live out your superhero dreams with some X-ray vision? We've got the goods from Creative Electron to make that happen. These X-rays can show you the magnetic ring for your MagSafe charger, the sensors on those Pro-level cameras, and the shrunken sensor assembly responsible for your newly nimble notch.

Apple's iPhone 13 lineup went on sale last month and is already proving popular. These are the best iPhones Apple has ever made despite the number of bugs that people have been struggling with – including an issue that is currently preventing people from unlocking their new iPhones with their Apple Watches.

Apple isn't done with the releases this year. The Apple Watch Series 7 is still to come, while new AirPods are also said to be in the pipeline for a launch before the end of this year.