The Keychron K7 is the cool new low-profile, hot-swap mechanical keyboard

What you need to know

  • Keychron's hot new keyboard is a low-profile, hot-swappable keyboard supporting both optical and mechanical switches.
  • The keyboard can be ordered via Kickstarter starting at $64.

You can choose optical switches if you'd prefer.

Keychron is a big name in the world of mechanical keyboards and its latest offering is the K7, a low-profile mechanical keyboard that can be configured with optical switches if buyers prefer.

The new keyboard is a 65% compact design that supports both Bluetooth and cabled operation, with support for up to three devices being paired at any one time. In terms of the cable, a detachable USB-C freebie comes in the box but you can also use your own, too.

When it comes to customization, the Keychrone K7 offers RGB lighting, but you can order without it if you prefer. Things get really cool when you get to the part where you pick your switches though, with both Gateron low-profile mechanical switches and their optical counterparts offered. Mechanical Red, Blue, and Brown switches are offered and those choosing optical can pick from red, Blue, Brown, Banana, and Mint.

The low-profile switches trimmed down the nonessentials of conventional switches without sacrificing their typing experience. In order to make this real, we've conducted several design iterations on the K7's low-profile optical switch structure. Together with the MX style stem and stabilizers on both optical and mechanical versions, the K7 provides an impeccable and consistent typing performance, whether you prefer linear (Red), clicky (Blue), or something in between (Brown, Banana, Mint).

You can place your order via Kickstarter now, with prices starting at $64 depending on the configuration you go for. Keychron says it expects to be able to start shipping orders in September, so not too long to wait.

Keychron makes some of the best mechanical keyboards around and this K7 unit is unlikely to be any different.