The best smartwatch Prime Day Deal is the Fitbit Sense, not the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 6 is undeniably one of the best smartwatches ever made, but it's not the only great wearable that iPhone users should consider. We've been scouring Amazon for the best Prime Day smartwatch deals, we've found an outstanding offer on the feature-packed Fitbit Sense.

If you compare this deal to the best Prime Day Apple Watch deals, you'll see that you can save quite a bit of scratch compared to something like the Series 6 or SE. In fact, with this discount, the Sense is still priced well below the Apple Watch SE and comparably to the Series 3. So why would you pick the Fitbit Sense over an Apple Watch on Prime Day? Price is certainly one factor, but it's far from the only reason.

Fitbit Sense | $100 off

Whether you're a loyal Fitbit fan or just looking for a cheaper alternative to the Apple Watch Series 6, you should seriously consider the Sense smartwatch. Not only can it match the best from Apple in terms of design and fit, but it has some of the most advanced collection of health sensors out of any wearable on the market. Paired with six months of Fitbit Premium, you won't have to worry about signing up for Fitness+ for the foreseeable future either.

$199.95 at Amazon

Fitbit has been at the forefront of fitness trackers and wearables since before the Apple Watch was even a gleam in Tim Cook's eye. While the company has had its low moments regarding smartwatches (remember the Ionic?), it has recently righted the ship. Now with devices like the Versa 3 and Sense, the company is poised to do battle with Apple for wearable supremacy, especially now that it has the full weight of Google behind it.

The Fitbit Sense matches up quite favorably with the Apple Watch Series 6 in many ways. Like the Series 6, it features loads of advanced health sensors that give it the ability to take ECG and heart rate data, track your sleep, and measure your SpO2. It can also perform electrodermal scans and measure skin temperature to give you even deeper insights into your health. Its battery lasts nearly three times as long as the Apple Watch, and it comes with six free months of Fitbit Premium service. If you're someone who has considered signing up for something like Apple Fitness+, this is a great alternative — and one that you won't even have to pay for half a year!

The Fitbit Sense also comes with NFC for contactless payments through Fitbit Pay, as well as built-in GPS and onboard music storage so that you can exercise and leave your phone behind. It doesn't come in an LTE model, so you can't make calls or respond to messages on iOS, but for the price, that's a minor inconvenience, in my personal opinion.